Bundesliga: Gameweek 6

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Schalke vs Stuttgart

Stuttgart are still in good form at the moment as they look to take on Schalke who were only able to get their first point of the season. Stuttgart are the better team all round, they have just let it slip for a few minutes and that has costed them. But it shouldn’t happen in this game.

Frankfurt vs Bremen 

Frankfurt have dropped 4 points in their last two encounters, they will really be looking for a win as they take on the fighting BreMEN who have had good encounters with both Hoffenheim and Freiburg. Give it to the home team of Frankfurt.

Koln vs Bayern 

Not even a shadow of a doubt that Bayern can lose this game since their upsetting 4-0 loss to Hoffenheim they have gone on to dominate all the games they have played. The big question is will the squad be able to recover after a hard game in Moscow? Give the W to Bayern

Augsburg vs Mainz

Augsburg were brought back to earth after their game against Leverkusen. Mainz have taken over as the whipping boy of the league with bad losses against both Stuttgart and Union but have managed to take it to the wire against Gladbach and Leverkusen. But Augsburg will take this.

Bielefeld vs Dortmund

Dortmund have risen to the challenge in the Champions League but they need to rise up to make the Bundesliga challenge. It took them 55 minutes to get their 1st of 3 goals. So Dortmund need to send a message to other contenders. BVB all the way in this game

Monchengladbach vs Leipzig

Both teams will be tired heading into this match after Champions League duty, only difference is that Gladbach played at home while Leipzig travelled to Manchester. Even though they are on top of the league I fear the travel will affect them. Gladbach will collect all three points here.

Freiburg vs Leverkusen

The red lions of Leverkusen are the favourites in this encounter as they have founded some early form. With a 3-1 win over Augsburg and I feel they will easily overpower Freiburg. So give it to Leverkusen who will still be in the top 4.

Berlin vs Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg are currently undefeated with 4 draws and 1 win, getting their first win last week. So they have some momentum as they enter this encounter, For Hertha this will be a tough game and feel the Wolves will enjoy their feast.

Hoffenheim vs Union Berlin 

Give it to the HOFF to win this game as they are the better team. But with the new signing of Karius for Union can there be an upset? The Home team will add to their points tally after this game.

Triple Threat:

  1. Bayern (-1)
  2. Dortmund to win
  3. Leverkusen to win 

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