Bundesliga: Matchweek 32

Monchengladbach vs Wolfsburg

3 games left with this game being do or die for both teams. The wolves will have the advantage in this meeting with them winning 4 out of their 5 away games. So give me The Wolves to take the W in this encounter.

Prediction: 1-2

Bremen vs Bayern Munich 

Once again Bayern reigns over the Bundesliga. Even with a virus trying to stop them, they stood strong and proud being known as “Der Kaizer” of the Bundesliga. They’re playing  the 2nd last team on the table in Bremen and will assert their dominance here.

Prediction: 0-4

Freiburg vs Hertha Berlin

At the restart of the season both teams had the opportunity to make a push towards a Europa Qualification spot. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. The boys from Berlin got brought down by Frankfurt and this will make them want to avenge that loss. Give me the boys from Berlin here. 

Prediction: 1-2

Union Berlin vs Paderborn 

Poor Paderborn, the whipping boys of the Bundesliga, unfortunately your season has ended and you’ve overstayed your welcome. Berlin will be in Union after this game as they will celebrate another win. Please don’t let me down!

Prediction: 1-0

Frankfurt vs Schalke 

Well done Frankfurt on your dominant performance against the blue side of Berlin. As for Schalke, how much did they pay for that penalty against Leverkusen? If that was a penalty, every time Neymar dives it should be a freekick. Get ready as the points will be split again, I feel another draw happening in this game.

Prediction: 1-1

Dortmund vs Mainz

Sorry Dortmund you made it into a great title race. But once again the Bayern Empire was to powerful to overthrow. But there is hope, if Bremen can pull off a miracle there may be a chance, so pray to them and give them strength. Give BVB to take a big win in this one.

Predictions 3-0

Leipzig vs Dusseldorf 

Congratulations Leipzig on virtually qualifying for the Champions League next season. If I was your manager, I would be getting ready for the Champions League return and be ready to maybe make run for the cup. With Werner on form and a nice brace for Dani Olmo I don’t expect them to fall flat here.

Prediction: 2-0

Leverkusen vs Koln

Unlucky Leverkusen, it took a VAR decision to steal the 3 points from you against Schalke. You can’t drop points here  – with Gladbach only 1 point behind you cannot afford to open the door for them. Beat the Goats of Koln and take another step closer to Champions League.  

Prediction: 3-1

Augsburg vs Hoffenheim 

Hoffenheim, you are so close: only 3 points away and 3 games to play can you make it your day? This is a must win game if you want to keep Wolfsburg in your sights and also don’t forget about making a lunge for Europa. Can they do it? I think they will. 

Prediction: 0-1

QUAD @ 3/1

  • Bayern Munich (-1)
  • Dortmund
  • Leipzig
  • Leverkusen

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