Bundesliga: Matchweek 31

Hoffenheim vs Leipzig 

Important game for both of these teams at the top half of the table. Both teams won’t be too happy with their form since the return and I feel both of them will settle to share the points. 

Prediction: 1-1

Wolfsburg vs Freiburg

Another game to look forward to, both teams have been up and down since the return. A battle of two different playing styles. I’ve got a feeling for an early goal by the Vultures and a late one by the Wolves.

Prediction: 1-1

Düsseldorf vs Dortmund

A game against a relegation zone team of Dusseldorf and with Bayern’s top goal scorer and top assister on suspension, for Dortmund this is their opportunity to close the social distancing that they’ve been showing with Bayern. 

Prediction: 0-3

Hertha vs Frankfurt

Hertha have done amazing things since the return. Played very well against a strong Dortmund team and I can’t wait to see what they can do next season! I see a Europa spot in the future. Give me the boys from Berlin an easy victory.

Prediction: 2-0

Koln vs Union Berlin 

Lower half of table game here and I don’t foresee much happening in this one.  Advantage will go to the team that can make the most of their time with the ball. Don’t expect a thrilling high scoring game but rather a very dull chess match. 

Predictions 1-1

Bremen vs Paderborn 

Big game at the bottom of the table. This game is either going to be end to end stuff with both teams going, or its going to be a very painful Opera of Football that will put you to sleep. Bremen to get a sneaky goal right at the death. 

Prediction 1-0

Bayern vs Monchengladbach 

Game of the weekend with 2 of the top German clubs playing each other. BIG Question is: without Lewandowski the goal-scoring tank and Muller der top Assister (both are suspended), can Bayern get a win here? Gladbach are no pushovers and don’t expect them to roll over. But the boys from Bayern will find a way in a great match here.

Prediction: 2-1

Mainz vs Augsburg

This week is having some very even matchups to watch and here is another one. But advantage will go to Augsburg who have shown that when they want to, they can bring home the bacon, or bratwurst or whatever they bring home over there. 

Prediction: 0-2

Schalke vs Leverkusen 

Please get the emergency room ready because it’s not Covid-19 that people should be worrying about, it’s the amount of goals Schalke have been bleeding! And I don’t see it stopping here. Even after a hammering from Bayern, The Red Lions will rip apart Schalke in this match.

Prediction: 1-4


  • Dortmund (-1)
  • Hertha Berlin Win
  • Leverkusen (-1)
  • Hoffenheim v Leipzig (Draw)

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